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Heavy Duty Compressor Nebulizer System

The DeVilbiss Heavy Duty Aerosol Compressor for continuous use is the ideal solution for extended care. The quiet, compact design, easy operation, and durability make this unit an ideal choice for continuous delivery of airway humidity and specialized drug delivery.

Product Highlights

• Quiet operation — with a 51 dBA noise level, the Heavy Duty Air Compressor is one of the quietest continuous aerosol compressors on the market.

• UL & CUL 60601-1 approval — The Heavy Duty Air Compressor has a complete UL-60601-1 approval for institutional use

• Mounting bracket — the unique internal mounting bracket design (instead of spring mount) makes set-up and transport easier, and assures the
   least amount of vibration during operation (competitive units, which     have spring mounting, require the cover be removed and a transport bolt be installed before the equipment is transported)

• Adjustable Flow Regulator — easy-to-turn knob locks into place, guaranteeing accurate delivery to patients.

• Gauge - Easy-to-read gauge, accuracy within (+) 2 ps

• One year warranty


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