Regenestem Lab Equipment Kit # 3

This set Includes: 1- Adilight 2 photoactivation device, 2- Horizontal swing out rotor Centrifuge 3- Portable Laminar Clean Room 4- 10 kits to treat 10 patients. Description: The Adi-Light 2 photoactivation device increases Interleukin-1 Receptor Antagonist which reduces the pain and inflammation associated with PRP injections and accelerates healing. It also activates Stem Cells extracted from Adipose Fat from a quiescent into an active state. All our centrifuge models are multipurpose, not only you can spin down fat but also can be used in blood separation. they can accommodate almost any kind of tube. The 18” Wide Portable Clean Room Hood can be easily integrated into existing workspaces because of its size and can be transported to various locations without difficulty because of its lightweight and portable nature. This clean room hood has been utilized in variety of applications including portable field testing, compounding, stem cell therapy practices and other medical applications, tissue culturing, data recovery, cleaning processes, manufacturing, and much more.

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