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Executive Series Centrifuge II

Increased power and lighter buckets lead to improved separation in shorter time periods. Aerosol bucket caps adds additional safety and improved braking technology maintains optimal separation in significantly shorter braking times when compared to the Elite Series Centrifuge.

New Executive Series Centrifuge II has more power, and a lighter bucket configuration. These enhancements improve blood and bone marrow separation in a shorter time period than its predecessor. The buckets are specially designed with aerosol caps that prevent blood atomization during centrifugation. This feature adds additional safety controls for the patient, and further sets EmCyte apart from the competition. The braking technology has been improved to maintain optimal separation in a significantly reduced braking time when compared to the Elite Series Centrifuge.

Optimal performance has now come to a machine that's elegant, lightweight, and digitally operated. The machine is totally mobile and has a smaller footprint, that allows it to be used in the most confined spaces. Operating at just above a whisper, the new Executive Series Centrifuge II is a pleasure to use in any clinical situation. EmCyte Corporation, continues to move the bar of excellence in autologous regenerative therapies.

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