SVF Isolation Kit System


SVF Isolation Kit System

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“Reliable Performance”. Achieve in office Stem Cell procedures with certified GMP Components.

  • cGMP certified supplies for obtaining and isolating PRP and Adipose-Derived Stromal Vascular Fraction.
  • Set of citrate 8.5 cc centrifuge tubes and spinal needle for extraction for the best platelet count possible obtained manually.
  • Individually sterilized syringes to follow closed system protocol of isolation.
  • 50 cc sterile conical tubes for the adipose tissue processing compliant with recent protocol guidelines.
  • Polypropylene Cell extractors avoid plastic adherence and avoid cell lysis.
  • 40-micron Cell Strainer with dual filtering capacity to delicately dissolve cell clumps.
  • GMP Cell extraction Medium.

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